Our obedience classes have been recently updated and we are seeing dogs and owners progress through classes better than ever before! We offer two sets of beginner obedience every year, one starting in September and another in January.


We offer an 8 week set that is priced at $125.00. We have multiple instructors to help you thoughout the set and a large facility to accomodate everyone. The first week of class we have you attend withOUT your dog so that you can focus and concentrate on the homework we send with you. This helps to ensure that you can hear us without a barking dog on the end of the leash, and we give you some skills to take home to start with your dog prior to them coming into the class setting. We also require that your dog is up to date on their parvo/distemper and rabies vaccine. Though the boardatella vaccine is not mandatory it is highly encouraged for your dogs safety. 

All of our methods are positive reinforcement and they build such a great relationship with our dogs and their handlers. We see willing, enthusiastic dogs and handlers that want to continue on because training is enjoyable.


You can find the date for our next set of classes here. We run a set every September and every January.

Obedience Instructors

I joined the Prince Albert Kennel & Obedience Club in 1984. We had just purchased our American Cocker Spaniel. Brock & I attended Obedience classes offered by the club and I was "hooked". Over the next 4 years I participated with our three Cocker Spaniels in Obedience and Conformation. One of the instructors asked me if I would like to come and help with classes. This instructor was my mentor – I learned, with her help, along with a number of seminars on behavior and teaching obedience the joy of sharing the wonderful world of dogs. Over the years we have had seven dogs – our first lab-shepherd cross, three American Cockers, two German Shorthaired Pointers and now 50 years later have a Labrador Retriever-Fanny, who is 4 years old. Over the years we have competed in Conformation, Obedience, and we are now enjoying Rally Obedience. Teaching obedience classes continues to be a very gratifying experience for me. Along with the other instructors in our club we hope that teaching our students and their canine companions responsible dog ownership and the joy of having dogs in our lives.


Kathy Horne

I became involved in the Prince Albert Kennel & Obedience Club in the fall of 2007 when I got my first Shetland Sheepdog. I have been helping out with our Beginner Obedience classes since 2008. I enjoy working with owners and their dogs and watching the bond between them strengthen. There's nothing better than seeing them grow more confident while having fun.

Joey and I started out taking Obedience Classes and through the club have expanded our interests to also include Agility and Rally Obedience. Joey came to me as a retired Confirmation dog. He had already gotten his Canadian Championship and his Canine Good Neighbour. Since I had him he has obtained his CD (Companion Dog) title and RA (Rally Advanced) title through the CKC. We are presently trialing in both CARO Rally and AAC Agility.

I have recently added another Sheltie to the family, a feisty little girl named Cameo. She has gotten her RN (Rally Novice) title through the CKC and is also trialing in CARO Rally. I hope with a little more training to see this girl in the agility ring real soon.


Pamela Feader


Growing up on a farm animals were always a big part of my life.  Be it horses, cows, pigs, dogs or cats.  The family dog (a border collie) would only end up with a collar and leash on when I thought it was time to play agility, even though I didn't know that was what I was doing at the time.  Once I was grown and had a home of my own we decided we should have a family dog.  That is when I got my Rotti X "Teddy Bear" a great companion.  Once she was 4 yrs old I decided she should have a friend, we decided on a Newfoundland.  Being that this new dog was a giant I wanted to make sure she was well trained.  I attended my first obedience class in Saskatoon and I was hooked.  We took a few other obedience classes together and I got my Rotti X into agility.  Then before I knew it I had found my passion in the dog world. I now have my second Newf who has obtained his CKC Rally Novice title, his CKC PCD and continue to work for more titles.
I joined the PAKOC in 2009 when we relocated back to Prince Albert.  I started assisting with classes in 2010 and love every minute of it.  I have taken a Obedience instructor course in BC and trained there with my second Newf for a short while.  I obtained an Obedience Instructor certification from Ben Kersen and the Wonder Dogs program and continue my learning with hands on experience and other training seminars I am able to attend.  I feel it ever important to continue learning new ways to help teach people  ways to enjoy their k9 companions (hairy babies) more.
Helaina Bates

As an enthusiastic young horsebackrider that moved to the city, it only seemed natural to turn more attention to training my dogs instead of my horses. The spark to understand animal behavior that began at a young age transfered to the canine side and has grown over the last few years. I am currently a graduate from the Companion Animal Sciences Institutes Canine Behavior Science & Technology diploma and am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT. The opportunities to help with ring stewarding at our Obedience, Rally-O, and Agility trials, as well as teach classes have only confirmed that I truly enjoy all things dog related. I am a back up trainer for the PAKOC and step in to help when the need is there!


My personal breeds of choice are the American Pit Bull Terrier/American Staffordshire Terrier and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Our family consists of many paws and we enjoy playing in some rally obedience, agility, conformation, barn hunt, nosework, tracking and the odd therapy visit. Teaching others how to work with their dogs is becoming a passion of mine that I hope to continue as time goes on!


Amy Locke

I have always had dogs over the years, 2 Cockers, 1 Cairn Terrier and 4 Eng. Springer Spaniels. While I love all dogs the Springers have my heart. In 1993 I got Magic. She was the wildest puppy I had ever seen. We did puppy classes and two sets of obedience classes. The instructors were so helpful and I found out there were many things I could do with my ball of fire so I joined the kennel club in 1995. I started assisting in Obed. classes around 1998 and agility classes a little later. I was also a letter carrier so I've dealt with dogs on both sides of the fence. Each dog has been an education. My last three dogs have earned titles in CKC Obedience,Rally Obed. and AAC agility. Cain has his Can. Championship in the show ring. We have done seminars in Behaviour, Obedience and agility. The kennel club has been a wealth of information. I have met my mentors in these dog sports there as well as some of my best friends[on two legs and four]. Currently I am owned by Gracie, age fourteen and Cain, age nine.


Laurie Primeau

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